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Speeding Ticket

Traffic Attorney in Kansas City, KS

  • What can I do now?
    You must call an attorney now in order to know your rights and avoid potentially losing your license. You can contact my office by phone (913.342.3279) or by email. If you do not act now, you may not be able to keep the points off your license
  • How long do I have to take care of the ticket?
    Most Kansas speeding tickets include a court date, and a fine. The ticket must be paid by the court date, or you must appear in court on that date. An attorney may request that the ticket be set on an “Attorney Plea Docket”, which would not ordinarily require your appearance in court. You must get a lawyer or take care of you ticket before your court date. If you do not, a warrant may be issued for your arrest, your license may be suspended, and you may lose your opportunity to keep the ticket off your driving record.
  • Will it affect my driving privilege?
    If you are found guilty of this moving violation, it will be reported back to the state. If you have a Kansas driver’s license, your license will be suspended after three moving violations. If you have a Missouri Driver’s license, it will be reported as a point violation. In Missouri, after you get eight points, your license will be suspended.
  • Will it increase the cost of my automobile insurance?
    Each insurance company is different, but most will consider your driving record when setting your premium. Many will give special discounts for drivers with good or perfect driving records. In order to qualify for those discounts, you must keep moving violations off your record.
  • How can an attorney help me?
    In Kansas, most speeding tickets can be kept off your record, either through diversion or by amending the ticket to a non-moving violation, such as “illegal parking”. There may be some tickets, due to the rate of speed, or your prior record, which may not qualify for diversion or amendment. An experienced traffic attorney will be able to help you to negotiate the best plea bargain, and argue for you to receive diversion and keep the violation off your record.