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Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Traffic Attorney in Kansas City, MO

  • What can I do now?
    Time is of the essence. Whether this is your first DWI, or a repeat DWI, the state will automatically revoke your driving privilege if you do not act within the time frame stated in your paperwork. You can contact Jeff Jarrett by phone (913.342.3279) or by email. If you do not act in a timely fashion, you will lose your right to challenge your breathalyzer refusal (or failure) and you may automatically lose your driver’s license.

  • How much time do I have to take care of the ticket?
    The first offense DWI, or repeat DWI ticket given to you at the time of your arrest will include a court date and time. This is a mandatory court appearance and you MUST appear at the time and place indicated on the ticket. If you failed or refused the breathalyzer or blood test you were given at the time of your DWI or DUI arrest, there is a time limitation during which you must file a request for hearing or petition for review. If you fail to comply with these time restrictions, your driving privilege will be automatically suspended. The time requirements are contained in the Notice of Suspension included in the paperwork given to you at the time of your arrest.
  • Will it affect my driving privilege?
    If you are found guilty of first offense DWI or a repeat DWI, 12 points will be assessed against your Missouri Driver’s license and you will lose your driving privilege in Missouri. If you fail or refuse the breathalyzer test and do not request a hearing within the required time period, your driving privilege will be suspended and you will lose your license.

    Download the Missouri Point System Violation Table.

  • Will it increase the cost of my automobile insurance?
    All insurance companies are different, but in general, a 1st DWI conviction or breathalyzer suspension will result in raised insurance rates or the cancellation of your automobile insurance. A repeat dui or repeat dwi conviction will make it even more difficult for you to obtain affordable auto insurance.
  • How can an attorney help me?
    In all Missouri first time DWI or repeat DWI cases, an attorney is necessary in order to avoid the strong possibility of jail time. Jeff Jarrett can help you review police and breathalyzer reports and evaluate your defense. If you decide not to go to trial, Jeff Jarrett can help to negotiate a plea bargain and avoid jail or the suspension of your driver’s license. For many 1st DUI or 1st DWI offenders, a Suspended Imposition of Sentence may be granted by the court, which may keep the conviction off their driving record. Because of the time restraint for filing your administrative hearing request, you MUST call an attorney immediately.