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Driving While Suspended

Traffic Attorney in Kansas City, MO

  • What can I do now?
    You need to speak with an attorney immediately to find out what can be done to get your license back and keep this ticket off your record. You can contact my office by phone (913.342.3279) or by email.
  • How long do I have to take care of the ticket?
    This is a mandatory court appearance. If you or your attorney do not appear on the date stated on the ticket, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driver’s license may be suspended. If you contact an attorney when you get this ticket, your attorney may continue the court date so that you can obtain a valid driver’s license or obtain the necessary money to pay the fine.
  • Will it increase the cost of my automobile insurance?
    If you are convicted of this offense, you will lose you driver’s license and most likely will have your insurance canceled (or pay higher rates after your driving privilege is reinstated).
  • How can an attorney help me?
    If your driver’s license was suspended when you got your ticket, but it is now reinstated, an attorney can usually get your ticket amended to a non-moving violation that will not affect your driving record or your insurance. Your ticket may have been suspended because of a 1st time DUI or repeat DUI or DWI, points, or unpaid tickets. An attorney can help you discover why your license has been suspended, and help get your driver’s license reinstated.