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About Jeff

It is cheaper than you may think to protect your rights.  With almost twenty-five years of experience handling traffic matters throughout Kansas and Missouri, there are few courts or traffic violations with which Jeff Jarrett is not familiar. You have probably contacted this web site because you have received a ticket or been charged with a criminal violation.  Jeff works hard to ensure that quality representation is also affordable.

Jeff’s job is to protect your rights and help you in resolving your ordinance or criminal violation as easily and painlessly as possible. After examining the circumstances leading to your citation or arrest, He will review with you your legal options, and offer my experienced legal opinion to help you determine the best course of action.  Your consultation is free and there are no obligations. 

Jeff Jarrett realizes that every potential client is unique, and that your needs are special. Jeff’s office will provide you with personal, efficient, competent and experienced service with the goal of making your experience  as pleasant as possible, under the circumstances.