In matters of traffic law, what seems like a minor infraction could have long-lasting consequences. You could be at risk of increased insurance rates, license suspension, or revocation of your driving privileges. When you need to fight back against a traffic violation, discover how a knowledgeable attorney can work to protect your rights.

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Understanding Traffic Violations

Traffic tickets can be categorized by a variety of factors, from moving vs. non-moving violations to strict-liability offenses vs. serious infractions. It’s important to understand the specifics of your traffic violation before you start disputing it.

Moving Violations

Moving violations include all crimes, infractions, and other offenses committed while the vehicle is in motion. Common examples include:

  • Speeding

  • Reckless driving

  • Tailgating

  • Running a red light

  • Failure to yield

Because they may put pedestrians, other drivers, and road users at risk, moving violations typically lead to much larger fines than non-moving violations.

Non-Moving Violations

On the other hand, non-moving violations include all crimes, infractions, and other offenses that can be committed while the vehicle is not in motion. These tickets often involve:

  • Parking violations. Examples include parking in a no-parking zone, too close to the curb, in front of a fire hydrant, or in front of an expired meter.

  • Paperwork violations. You could be pulled over for expired tags, an expired inspection sticker, or a lack of insurance.

  • Vehicle safety or defective equipment violations. An officer may also ticket you with excessive muffler noise, broken mirrors, damaged head or tail lights, overly tinted windows, or taped-up windows.

While you can be ticketed with a non-moving violation like faulty tail lights while you’re on the road, your violation is categorized as non-moving because it represents a technical issue, not the quality of your driving.



Strict-Liability Offenses

Most traffic tickets involve strict-liability offenses, which can be issued regardless of the driver’s intent. For example, you can still receive a speeding ticket even if you were unaware of the posted speed limit. Even though you had no criminal intent, your act of speeding still endangered your life and the lives of those around you. The only proof an officer would need is a recording of your speed.

Serious Offenses

As the name suggests, serious traffic offenses have much stricter penalties and are often classified as misdemeanors or felonies. Common serious driving offenses include:

The penalties of a serious traffic offense in Kansas City can vary. You may be facing hefty fines, license revocation, or even jail time. Working with a skilled traffic law attorney can help you combat your charges and fight for a fair outcome.

Fighting Your Traffic Violation

Just because you were issued a traffic ticket doesn’t mean you need to suffer its consequences. Skillfully disputing your charge may help you reduce its fine or even annul the ticket entirely. At Jeff Jarrett Law Office, I’m ready to argue on your behalf by:

  • Challenging the officer's view of what happened

  • Disputing the evidence against you

  • Proving the conduct was a "mistake of fact"

  • Proving your action was legally justified

  • Proving your conduct was necessary to avoid harm

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